Pump It Up: 9 Ways to Strengthen Strands

Janell M. Hickman
girl with bangs


“I don’t want strong, gorgeous, healthy hair,” said no one ever! Let’s keep it real—we have all lusted over the thick, lavish manes of supermodels, celebrities and even the girl next door from time-to-time! But how can you turn your mane dreams into reality? With 9 simple (but obvious) hair rules to live by. Follow them closely, and you’ll be one step closer on your crusade for ah-mazing hair!

1. Avoid Hair “Stressors”
“There are many things that contribute to weakened hair strands,” explains Nate Rosenkranz, Creative Team Stylist for Alterna Haircare. “Diet, heredity, sun exposure, heat, chemical services, environmental pollutants, etc.”

2. Untangle Knots Correctly
“Using good leave-in conditioner is key, prior to combing the hair,” shares RUSK Global Artistic Director Gerard Caruso. “Remember, always remove knots starting from the bottom up and working your way up.”

3. Look Out For Signs of Dehydration
“Is your hair breaking or falling out? Does your hair not react to styling tools like curling irons? Does it look more frizzy than usual? These are signs of serious dehydration,” shares Rosenkranz. “My favorite fix is Alterna Haircare’s Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Milk to combat dry strands.”

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4. Make Time For A Trim
“A good trim will help to prevent excess split ends, resulting in additional breakage throughout the strand,” explains Caruso.

5. Avoid “Hot” Washes
“Hot water opens the cuticle of your hair,” says Rosenkranz. “Rinsing shampoo and conditioner with cool water will help the cuticle to lay flat, creating a more reflective surface—and a smoothing effect.”

6. Thermal Protectants Are Your BFF
“Make sure to implement heat styling products in your daily routine,” advises Caruso. “I recommend the Thermal Serum and Thermal Shine Spray both by Rusk.”

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7. Wear A Hat
“Your hair can get sun damaged, especially when wet, the water acts like a magnifying glass,” explains Rosenkranz. “Ultraviolet radiation can contribute to weakened follicles, which could result in hair loss. Always protect your hair and scalp when in the sun!”

8. Diet Does Matter
“A healthy diet is always recommended, if you choose to take a supplement—I recommend Biotin,” shares Caruso.

9. Be Gentle With Wet Hair
“Wet hair is more easily damaged then dry hair,” warns Rosenkranz. “Water adds weight and stress to the hair and amplifies the suns effect of damage on the hair, particularly in de-colorization.”