The Minimalist Jewelry Line You Need In Your Life ASAP

Cady Lang

Consider this jewelry for the girl who doesn’t wear jewelry. 8.6.4 is a Brooklyn-based design label that started this year, but you should expect to see it on cool girls everywhere thanks to the perfectly spare, minimalist vibes of its jewelry line.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.45.12 AM

Image: 8.6.4

The label’s most stand-out pieces are delicate gold and silver earrings that look like they grew on you — dainty gold chains with slender gold bars on both ends to be threaded through an ear lobe or open-ended wire hoops and staples that are simultaneously tough and dainty at the same time. In short, it’s a minimalist’s dream.

The best part? The sterling silver and 14k gold filled pieces range from $20 – $40, which means that you can cop a pair of supremely chic earrings (or two or three) without breaking the bank. Check out some of the best pieces from this season’s collection, below.


Long chain earrings, $40; at 8.6.4


Large earrings, $31; at 8.6.4


Medium earrings, $24; at 8.6.4


Small earrings, $20; at 8.6.4


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