800th Coco Chanel Bio Talks Nazi BFs, Bisexuality & Dalí

Kerry Pieri

If you’re going to write a book about the Kennedy’s, Elvis or Coco Chanel, you better have some new info because they are some seriously covered people. It seems biographer Lisa Chaney uncovered new dirt on the ladder, and it’s not all as glamorous as Coco’s Paris apartment.

WWD is reporting that the writer has evidence that Coco, “used drugs, embraced bisexuality and had an affair with Salvador Dal while he was married.” A single, wealthy, famous woman dabbling in weed and women and sleeping with artists? None of that is so shocking, except that Chaney is also claiming that the designer had “accessed documents in the Swiss Federal Archives among other publications that prove Chanel’s German lover Hans Gnther von Dincklage spied for the Nazis throughout World War II.” Apparently, the writer doesn’t have proof as to whether Coco knew she was dating an evil spy, but evil spies can be shady that way, so who knows?

Maybe we’ll find out when the book hits shelves in November.