73 Things You Didn’t Know About Anna Wintour

Leah Bourne

With a reputation for being one of fashion’s biggest power players, along with one of its iciest personalities, there’s a lot the world is eager to know about Vogue’s longtime editor Anna Wintour. Luckily The Scene paid Wintour a visit at her office, getting in 73 rapid fire questions with the busy editrix on everything from what she thinks about Brooklyn (the New York City borough), to who she’s doubled with in tennis, to the one thing she’d never wear (yes, you’re going to want to take note of that).

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Our favorite parts of the video? Wintour being interrupted by everyone from assistants to Karlie Kloss, to her rejecting taking a selfie explaining she’d “never taken a selfie, and [didn’t] plan to start now.”

We’re sure you’ll agree it’s nice to see Anna assert some personality—first with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and now this—so watch the video below and let us know if it changes how you feel about the legendary fashion editor!

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