7 Unhealthy Foods Masquerading As Healthy

7 Unhealthy Foods Masquerading As Healthy
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There are certain types of foods that we all know to stay away when we’re making that often feeble attempt to lose weight and be healthy. For example, anything that begins with frosted, crispy or dipped is usually off limits. But what about those foods that hide behind labels like low fat, sugar-free and multi-grain? You may think you’re making smart, informed decisions, but before you know it, you won’t be able to fit into that itty-bitty bathing suit you’ve already set aside for spring break. To help you out, click through for seven unhealthy foods that you may not know are making you fat.

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Frozen Yogurt
Before you go feeling all smug for making the "smart" choice, think again. Yes, frozen yogurt may be a better option than ice cream – but some of those toppings are enough to take your supposedly healthy dessert up a couple hundred calories. Stay away from the granola, candy, sprinkles etc. Your only safe bet is the fresh fruit, and not the kind soaked in sugary syrup.

Spicy Tuna Roll
You know those people who order two rolls of sushi, thinking they're eating smart? Well they are clueless. Unless you're going for a very basic veggie or fish and veggie roll, chances are you're looking at a calorie bomb. Those two spicy tuna or spicy salmon rolls could end up costing you close to 800 calories. Add in the crunch and you're looking at at least 1000.

Deli Meats
I like to think of deli meats as one of the biggest pitfalls of a diet. A turkey or ham wrap may seem like a safe bet, but don't forget that you're still eating a processed food. They're usually full of preservatives, coloring and sodium. To be safe, go for low-sodium, organic and hormone free deli meats. 

Turkey Burger
You're not fooling anyone by ordering a turkey burger. In reality, you're better off just going for a burger made with lean ground beef. When you look at the breakdown, the turkey burger only saves you about 20 calories and has almost the same amount of sodium. The beef is also a better source of iron, with 15% more essential nutrients.

Dried Fruit
Just because you see the word fruit doesn't mean it's ok to chow down. Not only does dry fruit contain significantly more calories than fresh fruit, it's also loaded with sugar.

Multigrain Bread/Cereal
This one can really fool you. People see multigrain and automatically assume it's healthy. But the word you're actually looking for is whole grain. Multigrain only means it's made with different types of grains...none of which have to be good for you.

Energy Bars
This is a tricky one, because not all energy bars are bad for you. But for the most part, they can be diet traps, loaded with saturated fats, sugar and high in carbs and calories. Make sure to read the labels before you start munching.

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