7 Things in Your Apartment That Will Scare a Guy Away


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If you were cast on the now-canceled MTV show, Room Raiders, how would it play out for you? Would you be the embarrassed girl, blushing that he found your stuffed animal collection? The irked girl who doesn’t understand why he’s making a big deal out of your mountainous pile of dirty laundry? Or the defensive girl who feels that her collection of Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne CDs in no way reflect a lack of musical taste– despite what he says?

Hopefully, you will be the shame-free girl, confident about the state of her living space. Just in case you’re not so sure, below is a list of seven things that you may have in your apartment that will scare just about any guy away. Time to bust out the Hefty bags.

1. Photos of ex-boyfriends
When it’s over, it’s over. Don’t display those snapshots of you and your former beau at the beach, or those pictures of you two locking lips under the mistletoe last Christmas. Your new man will take you for the
needy, clingy type who still isn’t over her ex.While we commend you for not burning those pictures, we recommend storing images of old lovers– out of sight, out of mind.

2. Dating self-help books
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We have all had relationship droughts during which we may or may not have purchased books with titles along the lines of Finding Mr. Right or We Promise, He’s Out There. But when the time comes for you to invite your guy over, ditch the self-help dating tomes. Leaving those titles around will have him questioning your level of desperation. Trust us, if you hide the books, you might not have to use them again.

3. That inspiration picture on your fridge
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You know the picture of that bikini-clad Victoria’s Secret model you have on your fridge to serve as a reminder that no, you don’t want all that leftover cake– in one sitting? Well, it’s better to take it down before he comes over, or you might as well hang a flashing neon light over your doorway that reads “insecure.” A man likes a woman who’s confident and self-assured— not one who needs a deterrent to keep her from opening the fridge.

4. Feminine products
When it comes to tampons and various other forms of female creams and gels, guys would prefer to be left in the dark. You want your man to feel comfortable when he’s at your place, so keep your feminine products tucked away so he doesn’t have to blush every time he opens up your medicine cabinet. Side note: this also applies to the Imodium and Abreva lurking in your bathroom.

5. Tabloid magazines
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We are all guilty of reading trashy magazines every once and awhile.While we pretend not to care about how many kids are currently living at the Jolie-Pitt manor, deep down we secretly relish reading the latest updates on who wore it best and who’s dating whom. However, seeing a stack of tabloids on your coffee table every time he comes over might
send the wrong message to your guy. He may take you as a superficial and celebrity-obsessed girl– so stick to reading them in line at the grocery store, or on the elliptical at the gym.

6. Stuffed animals
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Your favorite teddy, nestled amongst all the throw pillows on your bed, will most likely trigger a “get out now” alarm in your guy’s head. Even though you’ve had “Mr. Cuddles” since you were a baby, the little guy sends the message that you’re immature and need to be taken care of. Remove stuffed animals from your bed, or Mr. Cuddles might be the only one you end up sharing it with.

7. Barren Fridge
A man’s worst fear is to open up a refrigerator to find only a pitcher of water and a few diet cokes. He might take your dearth of food as a sign of your poor cooking skills and inability to enjoy food. Plan a trip to the grocery store before he stops by and prepare something for him to munch on. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

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