7 Signs The Apocalypse Is Coming Thanks To ‘Twilight’ Fans

Spencer Cain
7 Signs The Apocalypse Is Coming Thanks To ‘Twilight’ Fans
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Now I know I’m not exactly one to talk as I’m guilty of seeing every Twilight movie within a week of its theatrical release, and I have definitely fantasized that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and I are best friends who share clothes, cigarettes and deodorant. However, there is a fine line between being a fan and being a lunatic, and the Twihards of the world have been bridging this gap for a few years now.

In all of history, I am hard pressed to find ANYTHING that has been as overexposed as the Twilight franchise. As the popularity has grown, the craziness (and I must admit: creativity) of fans has grown as well. In the gallery above, I have provided you with seven examples that the apocalypse is imminent thanks to the Twilight franchise. I couldn’t even include all of them. Let’s just say that having sex toys based off of Edward Cullen‘s manhood is seriously crossing a line, and humanity is to blame.

That said, click through for some of the most alarming actions regarding Twilight that have seriously made me stop and reconsider society as we know it. We are doomed, kids. Doomed.

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Multiple Twilight events have been cancelled thanks to angry fans throwing elbows and getting really ridiculously violent over a vampire flick. I don't know what to say. Tween girls can throw down! (Let's be honest, men over 30 probably dominated the crowd...)

There have been legitimate cases on record of people suffering from symptoms of post-Twilight depression. I may vomit.

The Internet has caused a lot more lunatics to be seen and heard. This ridiculous fan's YouTube video of her reaction to the trailer went viral. And it's a sad, sad sight. ?A SAD, SAD SIGHT. ?

A Twilight fan recently got this appalling tattoo. Emphasis on appalling.

Various Twilight "support groups" have popped up for husbands and boyfriends who can't deal with their crazy, sad significant others. Check out one ?here?.

We can all agree that British people are crazy -- especially British Twilight fans. This gaggle of gals stood outside of an HMV store in London to hopefully snag a Guinness World Record for "longest chain of brides in one location" as they waited for the release of the franchise's latest flick to come out on DVD.

Dolls bearing the likeness to popular movie characters are nothing new, but it seems like everyone on Etsy is taking matters into their own hands. Oh, and that's not to mention how many products are licensed with the Twilight logo, including condoms. Safe sex, baby!

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