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Keri Hilson flipping the switch at the UNICEF Snowflake Lighting Ceremony; Photo by Stephen Lovekin/GettyImages

Keri Hilson is more then just another passing pop/R&B sensation with a pretty (albeit very pretty) face. She’s highly motivated, she’s got confidence inside and out, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it even if that means an average three hours of sleep per night. We caught up with the self-proclaimed diva at the 2010 UNICEF Snowflake Lighting Ceremony last night, where she chatted all about boys, beauty, her new album (No Boys Allowed, in stores December 21) and much more. Read on to find out what Keri had to say, and check out her video for Pretty Girl Rock at the bottom of the page!

Tell me about the title of your new album. Why did you decide to call it No Boys Allowed?

If Im going to be an independent grown woman, then its time to rid my life of the boys. I need a grown man so no boys allowed.

What separates the boys from the men?
I think its very clear when youre dealing with boys and when youre dealing with men. You just know! I have to take care of myself I dont have time to be taking care of you [boys] too. Thats why I only had real men on the album John Legend and Rick Ross are a couple of them.

Your video for Pretty Girl Rock came out and you rock so many looks in it. Do you have a favorite look from the video?
I had so much fun, but TLC might have been one of my favorites. That was the closest to my era and when I was really in my little heyday. They made me really comfortable to be the tomboy that I really am.

Your video looks went from 20s flapper to 60s soul singer to a Studio 54 look. You even channeled Janet Jackson circa Rhythm Nation. How did you go about choosing the looks you wanted to use for the video?
I tried to choose women who were fearless and bold. I mean all of them were great because they were so fearless. For example, Josephine Baker, who was dancing the way that she did and being that type of performer, she was shunned during that time. She happened to be a black woman and it was just incredible. If you look at footage, it was so fearless and so bold for the 1920s.

Seeing as the song is entitled Pretty girl Rock, do you have any pretty girl beauty secrets to share?
Well the song to me is all about how you should feel. Its all about the self-awareness on the inside. But OK lets talk about the exterior! I have to exfoliate. Im wearing makeup for 20 hour a day, sometimes more because I only get 3 hours of sleep. So I wake up 5 or 6 am, put on a full face and Im wearing it until sometimes 5 or 6am the next day. So exfoliation is my thing. You have to get regular facials and I think rest is the number one beauty secret it can fix a lot of things!

In terms of style, you said TLC was a major influence for your confidence. Would you say they were also a major style influence for you?
Yes, they were a huge inspiration for my little tomboy style I grew up a little uncomfortable. All the other girls were super girly and filled out, and TLC was just like whatever, Im me, accept me, Im beautiful regardless. They made me feel really comfortable and confident.

It was recently announced that you will play in VH1s Salute The Troops Diva Special, along with Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry. How do you feel about being labeled a diva?
I think diva has been given a negative connotation. To me, a diva is anyone who fights for herself. Shes someone who doesnt allow anyone to stand in the way of her progress, and Ill be that. I fight for my sanity, I fight for my time, I fight for anything that comes in the way of me being able to give my best. So, yeah Ill wear that title proudly. But really I just think its someone who accepts no limitations someone who doesnt accept boundaries placed by others.

Keri Hilson’s Pretty Girl Rock

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