7 Things We Learned About “House Of Style” Co-Hosts Karlie Kloss And Joan Smalls

Liz Doupnik

screen shot 2012 10 16 at 2 03 46 pm 7 Things We Learned About House Of Style Co Hosts Karlie Kloss And Joan Smalls

The newest chapter of MTV’s beloved ’90s hit “House of Style” debuted today, and we watched with bated breath as model phenoms and new co-hosts Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls bopped around Paris Fashion Week, offering backstage glimpses into their glamorous lives. Taking a more personalized approach than the original host Cindy Crawford, Kloss and Smalls freely dish on what it’s like being two of fashion’s favorite sweethearts, their awkward adolescent stages, and lots more. Check out the seven most surprising things we learned during the show — and watch the full episode here.

1. Catwalk queen Karlie still gets the jitters before strutting her stuff: “I still get butterflies and get nervous about the high heels — if your shoe is going to break, or you’re going to slip, or if you’re going to do something wrong.”

2. The girls both suffered from awkward stages: “I was insecure about my height, I was a foot and a half taller than everyone,” Karlie said. Joan also shared her gangly pre-teen blues: “I would always hunch because I was always taller than the boys.”

3. Joan “The Babe” Smalls tried to conceal her thin frame when she was younger: “I use to double up [on]socks, like the kind you get from Foot Locker, to make my legs look thicker,” she confessed.

4. Karlie works out with her trainer during fashion week to maintain normality. Sigh.

5. Joan is as much a fashion fan as she is an inspiration. “What I like about our job, there’s a lot of people who are visionaries in what they do.”

6. Karlie gets lonely during her busy season: “Fashion month gets lonely after a whole month of traveling with all the fashion shows, it’s really nice to have [her sister] to take care of me and to have fun with.”

7. The biggest takeaway: Karlie and Joan still need to get their rhythm down — and work on some manners. Cutting off Joan pretty much every time she speaks, Karlie’s interrupting problem creates slight on-screen chaos and indecipherable conversation.