7 Holiday Party Tips From The Guys At NYC Hotspot GunBar

Susie G

With Thanksgiving already come and gone, the days of heading out to holiday fetes are upon us. From office parties to small dinner gatherings, now is that time of year that just about everyone is out and about, living it up on the good times just like a Spice Girls song.

Just to make sure you bring your A-Game this holiday season, we decided to hit up the guys behind GunBar, one of our favorite party spots in New York City, to get some professional party advice.

Check out all the super helpful tips partners Bobby Persson and Aaron Elbaz threw our way down in the Q&A below!

What’s are some good rules of thumb when choosing a party outfit?
It all depends on what the party is, but most of the time its alway better to look nice. Just make a simple effort when getting ready, but don’t try too hard. Personal style is important.

Theme Parties: Good idea or bad idea for the holidays?

It’s always OK if it’s done with taste and elegance — and not too clich.

What kind of cocktails should you serve at a party?

Champagne served cold & dry; It’s always a classic choice.

Which type of tunes can you throw down on the stereo system?
If the party is supposed to be festive, I would say play all the classics from the 50s to the 90s, and everything in between.

Are there any important things to remember when playing party host?

It’s important to take care of your guests, remember who they are, what they drink, how they like to have their drinks, where to seat them and who you seat them next to. These personalized details are always indicative of a knowledgable and caring host.

If you plan on serving some nom noms at your party, what are some general things you should serve and might want to avoid?

Everything is fair game as long as there’s no pork and a couple vegetarian bites.

Who is the best surprise guest to have at any party?

Jay-Z, of course…

For more info on the latest and greatest events at the coolest spot in town, stop on by the GunBar website for more details.

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