Are you a bride who's eager to rock some serious headgear? Why not don a floral head wreath à la Lana Del Rey for your wedding day?

7 Floral Wreaths For Brides (That Even Lana Del Rey Would Approve Of)

Summer K
7 Floral Wreaths For Brides (That Even Lana Del Rey Would Approve Of)
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Statement shoes, headgear, accessories that pop — being a bride is a fashion show in itself, complete with your own runway and eager paparazzi ready to snap you at every turn at the altar.

Obviously style inspirations come from many places, but if you’re in the market to emulate your inner boho free spirit, look no further than the combined fashion power of Lana Del Rey and Coachella. The “singer chanteuse” (as well as the many music fans that flocked to the Cali festival) eagerly donned pretty head pieces made up of flowers, ribbon and vines to set off that easy-breezy outdoor look.

Sure, this might not work if you’re in the market for some glam evening event complete with layers and layers of lace and sequins, but it’s pretty ideal if you have a rustic wedding up your sleeve or plan on keeping it chic and simple à la City Hall or an afternoon garden party. In fact, you can snag one-of-a-kind head wreaths just like these on our favorite go-to craft site, With over 300 styles to choose from, it’s clear that this petal-perfect headgear is only growing in popularity.

Click through the slideshow above to see seven of our faves now!

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Lana looks lovely with her flower power, but are you ready to rock one for your wedding day?

Springtime Rose and Wildflower Bohemian Bridal Crown, $78.00 (

Strawberries & Cream Sparkly Sprig Tiara, $45.00 (

Purple Floral Headband/Woodland Collection, $45.00 (

Autumn Lady Floral Headpiece, $60.00 (

Pink Bloom Floral Headpiece, $50.00 (

Spring Flower Circlet, $32.00 (

Purple Garden Headpiece, $120.00 (

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