Six cats show off their fashion savvy in this StyleCaster slideshow.

6 Cats That Dress Better Than You (Seriously)

Summer K
6 Cats That Dress Better Than You (Seriously)
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First came the Cat in the Hat. Then came the cat in the beret, jacket, stole, tux and tales. Forget the silly sweaters and footies we force our dogs to wear — the felines we know wouldn’t be caught dead in anything short of fabulous. This is of course half the reason United Bamboo had us at hello with their yearly fashion calendar chocked full of kittens wearing miniature versions of their clothing line.  (Seriously, you just can’t muster that sort of icy glare from your average Fido.)

Sadly, they’ve left us high and dry this year, so we’ve been forced to seek out some added inspirations to get us through the past few months. Yes, some are classic UB models we can’t seem to part with (those eyes, those clothes, those whiskers!), while others are simply stylish kitten icons-in-the-making. While it’s not for us to say which one exhibits the best Blue Steel, we do know the ache we feel in our hearts from the lack of calendar love is now competing with the ache we feel in our closets.

Click through the slideshow above for a marvelous meow mix of cat fashions at its best.

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