8 Seriously Amazing Bedside Table Ideas From Pinterest

Leah Bourne
8 Seriously Amazing Bedside Table Ideas From Pinterest
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Oh, the bedside table. Reserved for the book that you read before you go to bed, your iPhone, and whatever other junk you decide to throw its way, it is definitely a practical piece of furniture. But it can also be used to create a chic environment in your bedroom.
In need of some decor inspiration we headed to where else, Pinterest, to search out some unique bedside table ideas. Scroll though for the best of what we found. The best part? Many of the ideas are incredibly easy to replicate yourself.
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This cool Chanel barrel used as a bedside table has us drooling on ourselves (seriously, where can you buy this, we want to know). Accessorized with a neon lamp and a framed photo, and this is a true statement bedside table. 

Image Via Freefrè loves

Why not use a cool wooden chair as your bedside table? Decorate with a small vase of flowers and a colorful pillow to create a true decor statement.

Image Via Amanda Reinhart 

We thought we'd seen everything, but a drum as a bedside table? Seriously, how cool is this? The best part? It is an easy look to recreate yourself. 

Image Via Kate Parsonson

For those who want their bedside table to be on the minimalist side of the spectrum, why not opt for a cool stool. There is usually enough room on a stool for a plant, and a book. Really, what else do you need? 

Image Via Miranda Morris

We love all of the girly influences on this bedside table. Chinoiserie vase with flowers? Check. Fashion and decor coffee table books? Check. A pink lamp? Check? There is even a porcelain tray brimming with jewelry. 

Image Via Sam Collett

We did a true double take at the awesomeness of this creative bedside table which consists of stacked vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases. It seriously doesn't get any cooler than this. 

Image Via Sally Grasse

This shabby chic staircase that is doubling as a bedside table here is one of the best decor ideas we've seen in a while. We particularly love that each step has been reserved for a different object.

Image Via Angela Roberts

Why settle for a small table when you can decorate using a large glass side table? We love that there is more room to decorate with everything from coffee tables, to candles, to a lamp with this long bedside table. 

Image Via Brianne O'Neil 

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