Not a big fan of overpriced flowers? Check out these seven alternative bouquets for fashion-savvy brides.

7 Alternative Bouquets For Fashionable Brides

Summer K
7 Alternative Bouquets For Fashionable Brides
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Let’s be honest–flowers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, we know plenty of people who think delicate petals of the expensive variety are clearly a waste of time and money. So if you’re a bride on a budget who aspires to make a fashionable impression, consider the alternative–or rather the alternatives at your disposal.

A pretty bouquet doesn’t have to be composed of roses or mums. It can be anything you can dream up from a fanciful paper diorama to a yummy sweet confection. With that in mind, we pulled together seven stylish inspirations we wouldn’t mind carrying down the aisle and then holding on to for the next generation of brides who share our forward-thinking wedding fashion aesthetic.

Modern? Traditional? Boho chic? Take a sneak peek at the slideshow above and chime in on your own wedding style motif in the comments section below!

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Brooch Bouquet: For the bride that appreciates more than a little bling, here's a petal-perfect momento you can pass on to your daughter.

Seashell Bouquet: From Martha's Vineyard to the docks of Catalina Island, nothing says seashore nuptials like a pretty shell arrangement.

Paper Bouquet: Why play Rock-paper-scissors with your bouquet choice when it's obvious paper wins?

Feather Bouquet: Indulge in a "flight of fancy" with a pretty feather bouquet dyed to match your wedding colors.

Butterfly Bouquet: A fun and easy wedding DIY project, you can make your own butterfly bouquet using special art paper or vintage wall samples -- it all depends on your own unique taste and style.

Candy Bouquet: Satisfy your sweet tooth with a nod to Will Wonka (à la a bright and whimsical candy bouquet).

Pinwheel Bouquet: Fun for kids and adults alike, a pinwheel bouquet is a fanciful and easy way to incorporate one theme throughout other aspects of your decor.

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