Watch a Fashion-Savvy 7-Year-Old Review Alexander Wang’s Runway Show

Laurel Pinson

Fashion Week is often as much about people’s opinions as it is about the clothes themselves—and there are always plenty of opinions. We figured this season, we’d branch out and add a new voice to our tradition of asking real people about the fashion hitting the Spring 2015 runways.

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That’s why we recruited a fashion-loving 7-year-old (who goes by the name of Twirl) to review some of the week’s biggest shows for StyleCaster. Twirl already has shown strong (and knowledgeable!) opinions around style, as well as some in-depth thoughts on the latest season of “Project Runway,” so we figured it was high time he tried his hand at New York Fashion Week.

First up, Alexander Wang. While Twirl described the show as just “okay,” he had a lot of thoughts on the possible inspirations behind the collection, and the most memorable looks. Watch the video to see his full review, and check back  to see more from our pint-sized fashion critic!

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On the possible inspiration behind the collection:

I think the inspiration for this was the three aliens of “Toy Story.” The blue and the green with the red and the white kind of look alien, and the whites lined up with the black under looks alien to me. To me, this collection reminds me of Hungary because the black and the gray and the white represent the mountains, and then the blue and the green represent the rivers and the plains. And then the red represents a lot of wars.

On the most memorable looks:

There was a jumpsuit that … there was this white part in the middle that kind of looked like a mushroom. That wasn’t flattering on the woman. And then the black other part around it kind of looked like silk chiffon, or fake leather.

There was a dress that had, like, blue piping for the neckline, and it was white, that I liked because it had this waistband that was really thin, and it was blue. And then the top kind of looked like it was quilted, and then the bottom kind of looked like a box, but it was white and it could move when she walked.

On the models:

The models walked looking really serious for some reason, and they all looked really different, but the collection really blended together, so it didn’t even matter that they all looked really different. None of them actually had long sleeves on. There’s not a lot of long sleeves in spring.

On his top picks:

My favorite in the collection was the one with the black top with the blue lining on it. The blue and the green kind of look futuristic with the gray, it brings it back in time, kind of. To where it’s present, like 2015, when the collection is. And the hair’s just pulled back because she’s just, like, throwing on something.

Overall Review:

The overall show was … okay. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible.

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