From Bugle Boy jeans to Benetton sweaters, we discovered six ways you can upgrade these retro classics to accentuate your current fashion arsenal.

6 Ways To Wear Your Favorite Vintage ’80s Finds

Summer K
6 Ways To Wear Your Favorite Vintage ’80s Finds
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For those of you that were born in the ’80s or ’90s, congratulations — your take on the ’80s is all fun neons,  Duran Duran and Sunday afternoon reruns of Back to the Future and Sixteen Candles. For those of you that actually lived through the ’80s and remember it only too well (crimping was overrated, Frankie Goes to Hollywood shirts ruled and nobody got between you and your $30 Calvins), congratulations too — for surviving what had to be one of the most horrendous decades in fashion history.

As someone that falls into the latter category I can honestly say I’m not bitter (after all, years of therapy have helped me come to grips with the fact that my mom made me rock Joan Jett’s hair and puke green stirrup pants at the ripe ole’ age of eight), just cautious about mixing these fashion relics with my current modern wardrobe staples.

Thankfully, there’s some stylish folks out there that hold no such fears and have managed to prove me wrong. Yes, 80’s fashions can be cool if properly curated and paired with the right items. From denim Jordache skirts to Members Only jackets, it’s just a matter of looking past the mistakes of our past and reinventing these key pieces in a fresh way.

Click through the slideshow above to see how six iconic 80’s items can be reinterpreted for your modern closet.

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Find out how to take 6 key 80's wardrobe staples and adapt them to your closet.

The Benetton Sweater: Try to find one that's in sync with this season's hot colors, then utilize the wild print to play up bold statement jewelry like this tribal necklace.

Esprit Blazer: Part preppy school girl, part '80s power shoulder pads, this piece is best when mixed with a fitted oxford and leggings/skinny jeans.

Jordache Skirt: Given the high waist, this works best if you have a long torso. Pair with a fitted tee or tank for maximum effect.

Bugle Boy Jeans: You REALLY need to have a lanky hipster boy on hand to pull this off. Mix it up with skinny suspenders, a fitted tee and slip-on Vans for the ultimate Friday night bar look.

Old Keds: Manage to snag a graphic pair? Add a splash of color with a bold print or stripes.

Member Only Jacket: Given the nylon/parachute-like material and volume, try layering skinny jeans and a tee with a thin belt that adds a pop of color.

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