6 Steps to a More Confident You


A lack of self-confidence prohibits us in our everyday lives. It’s a problematic issue for those who struggle with it because it doesn’t allow for a person to reach their full potential. Oftentimes, a lack of self-esteem becomes ingrained in a person, causing them to be unhappy and confused about how they can make it better and leaving them caught in a downward spiral. In order to achieve a sense of self-confidence and worth, we must first change our perception of ourselves by setting important goals that are within our reach. Realizing your self-worth and setting out on a positive journey will eventually allow you to shine in all of your endeavors.

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It’s important to prepare and take a deep look into yourself in order to get started. We’re not asking you to start analyzing your every character flaw; instead, realize that no one is perfect and that it’s normal to make mistakes — regretting the past or being scared of the future is what will prohibit you from moving forward. The important thing is to learn from any mistakes and continue to strive for the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Here is what you’ll want to do to get yourself on the road to a new, more confident you. Project Self-Confidence starts now:

1. Achievement Log
Designate a journal to your personal achievements. Sit down and reflect upon all that you’re proud of accomplishing in the past and remember how great those moments made you feel.

2. Personal SWOT Analysis
Create a personal SWOT analysis. This will show you the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that you face in your everyday life. The focus here should be more on the positives — don’t allow your weaknesses or threats to bring you down. This will help you ground yourself, and see exactly what lies ahead.

3. Question Yourself for Answers
What’s important to you and where do you want to go? Ask yourself this question and write the answers down on a separate page in your achievement log. Remember to exploit your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, realize your opportunities, and control the threats you face. This will help you recognize the goals you wish to achieve and create a clear plan of attack.

4. Rational and Positive Thinking
You’ll want to eliminate any overly critical or negative thinking. In order to stay on an optimistic track, try creating imagery that will force strong mental images of what you’ll feel and experience as you achieve your goals.

5. Unequivocal Commitment
Now is the time to commit to the changes you’ve decided to make. Make yourself the promise that you’ll stick to your commitment.

6. Manage Your Progress
You’ll want to follow up with yourself as you go. Take a look back at the beginning, and ask yourself what has changed and address any doubts you’ve had. Manage them accordingly so they don’t bog you down. Write down anything new that you’ve recently achieved, no matter how small. The key to this process is to realize that you can do it all by yourself, which in turn, instills the confidence you need to move forward and succeed.

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Continue to move forward and eventually your lack of self confidence will be replaced with certainty, self-affirmation, and the realization that you are able to move forward and succeed one step at a time.