6 Reasons We’ll Miss Carine Roitfeld: Evidenced By January Vogue Paris

Kerry Pieri
6 Reasons We’ll Miss Carine Roitfeld: Evidenced By January Vogue Paris
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Every fashion site, blog, trade paper and avid Tweeter might report when a celebrity has a new fragrance, a designer gets fired, or a huge French company slowly gets bought out by a huger French company, but there are few occurrences that any of these incessant reporters really, truly take to their cold, jaded, fashion-obsessed hearts. Carine Roitfeld leavingVogue Paris is one of those rarities, and the reason is simple: We love her, we really love her.

“Some” may spread vicious rumors that the stylist-turned-EIC is getting fired for reasons ranging from under the table deals with design houses, to that whole Balenciaga ban, to the recent Jonbenet Ramsey looking shoot but I don’t believe it. Girl saw a 45 percent increase in circulation during her benevolent ruling, and she’s bff with just about everybody important in the industry.

So, enough with Carinegate 2010. I just want to talk about why we love her, as evidenced by the December/January issue of French Vogue. Join me in relishing the range of provocative, badass subjects she takes on for the mag, while still keeping it high gloss and awesome, never salacious, or dirty (OK, maybe a little dirty…). Plus, not once did she makeover a cast member of The Jersey Shore.

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1. She takes the taboo subject of plasic surgery and takes it into the flashing lights of Tom Ford's sexy camera.

Crystal Renn looking oddly like Janice Dickinson.

Why can't your boyish man keep you company while you're recovering from a face lift?

...Or kind of make out with you?

3. Old People Love: Sex at every age is hot!


3. OK, kids dressed as sexy adult models is kind of weird, but also bold and awesome – and it got everybody chatting. Is it a commentary on our decaying f*cked up society, or just a reason to let little girls play some awesome dress up. Only Carine really knows.

Look at those shoes.

4. Features I can't read, but are decidedly un-US Vogue like. This one centers on a writer who committed suicide. It's serious, disturbing and not in any way about a socialite's thoughts on her impending divorce or journey to Gstaad in 1977.

5. Two Words: Pussy West. This lady does not shy away from the sexy time, and this one actually references America, assless chaps and Mae West. She loves to show a little boob, and we love her for it – it makes us feel more French!

6: Nudity for nudity's sake. This sort of goes with number 5, but who else would include a calendar of nude Daria images in what is basically the Christmas issue? 

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