50 Most Stylish New Yorkers: 2012 Edition

Marni Golden

A rabbi, a rapper, and an NBA All-Star all walk into a bar – scratch that – a photography studio in Chelsea, and what happened after was anything but a bad joke. Typically a Mecca of models, muses and maniacs, the StyleCaster studio transformed into an unprecedented melting pot of New York’s 50 most stylish, reminding me why this city and its residents are so damn cool.

To clarify, we did not select individuals for this feature based upon whose closets were bursting with couture or collections fresh off the runway, but rather by those whose style continues to keep us inspired, surprised, and let’s be honest, a bit jealous.  Our roster includes New Yorkers from various walks of life (and boroughs), running the gamut from fashionista to food trucker and rocker to reporter.

In no particular order, read on to see some of our favorite originals that collectively embody the eclectic style and flavor that is New York City.

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Photography by: Spencer Wohlrab

Produced & written by: Marni Golden

Art direction by: Patrick Biesemans

Hair & makeup by: Brit Cochran & Nicole Bridgeford

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