5 Words That Will Ruin a Date (Beware)

Leah Bourne
Bradley Cooper, Suki Waterhouse, Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge pictured out for meal

Photo: Wenn

FiveWordstoRuinaDate is trending on Twitter, and it’s a goldmine of hilarity (although albeit, can hit pretty close to home at times). For those of you out there who have ever been told to wear more makeup, gotten weird clues as to your date’s political leanings (that really don’t match up with yours), or the absolute worst, been informed your date doesn’t even think you are on a date, this is for you.

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Here, a few of our favorite FiveWordstoRuinaDate Tweets (and it goes without saying that say any of these, and you ‘re making a pretty serious dating mistake):

Translation: I’m cheap, and you might as well know it now.

Translation: I’m a freak who doesn’t want to eat a whole dessert.

Translation: I’ve been single for a while.

Translation: You’re not getting any.

Translation: I already want to change you.

Translation: You’re really not very pretty.

Translation: I’m more popular in Instagram than you.

Translation: Get it through your head, we’re not on a date!

Translation: There is something really, really wrong with me.

Translation: I’m married!

Which five words could someone say to ruin a date with you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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