5 Very Different Oufits for 5 Very Different V-Days

Summer K

Valentine’s Day means a lot of things to a lot of people, and what it means to you usually depends on your current romantic predicament. Some years, we here at Broke Girl’s Guide are happily coupled, some years we’re trying to break-up, and some years we’re attempting not to throw ourselves in front of the flower delivery truck as it speeds past our house.

To help you get your romance on this V-day no matter your situation, we’ve put together 5 outfits for 5 very different evenings:

1. Single And Fabulous — because you’re not hiding from the holiday. Motel Robin Dress, $60; Topshop CleanPu Jacket, $110 ; ShoeMint Michelle, $79.98; Lancome Flash Bronzer Body Gel, $34.50; All-Nighter Hair Powder, $18.

2. Living Happily Ever After — because a nice sweater dress will hide the extra lb’s gained while cuddling with your cutie (and a pint of Haagan-Daaz), and because you’ll need something to shine the gifts he’ll inevitably bestow upon you. ASOS Cable-knit Sweater Dress, $72.70; Lulu Buckled Booties, $188; MAAS Jewelry Cleaner, $7.95.

3. Still Hanging Onto The Scars Of My Most Recent Break-Up — because you’re in the bell jar, and owning it. ‘Grandma’/Little House On the Prairie Nightgown, $46.90; Bathrobe, $24.98; Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, $4.71; Journal, $12.21; Arctic Zero Ice Cream, $6.23.

4. I Want to Baby Daddy This Guy, But It’s Only Our Third Date — because you kind of want him to envision you as a (sexy) 1950’s housewife. ASOS Skater Dress In Spot Print With Belt, $50.13; Hansel from Basel Rib Thigh Hi, $32; ASOS Pickle Platform Mary Jane Block Heel, $90.90; Cubic Zirconia Vintage Earrings, $29.50.

5. It’s Not You, It’s Me — because he needs to know immediately that a fun night does not lie ahead. Trousers with Edging on Pockets, $59.90; Boyfriend Blazer, $98; Combined Blouse, $59.90; Mini by DV by DolceVita, $79; Neon Orange Lipstick, $24.99 — or Red, $5.

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