5 Tips On How To Up Your Twitter Followers Like Lady Gaga

Spencer Cain

I don’t want to alienate anyone (more than I already do, of course), but I’m not really a Lady Gaga fan. Something about the whole “Westchester private school girl as avant-garde fashion and gay rights icon” doesn’t really sit well with me. (Maybe that’s because I’m gay AND from Westchester and have yet to feel the need to don a Kermit the Frog outfit or roll up in a party in my own egg mobile.) Obviously I can admit that some of her songs are awesome (hello, “Speechless”), and that she has a way with marketing that I’ve never seen before.

That said, Gaga’s massive, massive Twitter following continues to build, and she’s set to break 16 million followers this November. Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, that’s more than Bieber! As someone who’s always attempting to shamelessly up his own Twitter followers (hint, hint), maybe it’s time I took a cue from Gaga’s Twitter playbook.

Check out these five tips I’ve compiled on how to bring those pesky followers up.

  1. Engage with your audience! This seems kind of obvious, but Gaga does it extraordinary well. At the moment, she follows141,184 people (which is insane for most people). You better believe those aren’t all her friends. She just makes desperate fans in the middle of nowhere feel like royalty because they show up on her timeline.
  2. What’s the magic word that any journalist/blogger/desperate celebrity writer for StyleCaster can throw in a title to ensure that it blows up? EXCLUSIVE. Gaga leaks her own songs, remixes, album covers, fashion films et al, and everyone eats it up.
  3. Occasionally curse, and talk about vices, like drinking whiskey, doing coke, etc. People like to relate, baby! Gaga can throw around an “F” bomb like a champ and she’s not afraid to tell you when she’s hitting the bottle. Give the people what they want!
  4. Sympathize. Not everyone made $90 million last year, and trust me, it’s fun to make the little people feel like you care about their 99% problems. Recently, she even sent a sympathy tweet to a fan who lost their grandmother. It was retweeted like, 1,000 freaking times. I’m not saying she’s not genuine, but she knows what she’s doing.
  5. Show some love for your friends, partners and other publications. Does Nicola Formichetti exist without Gaga? Whenever she’s featured in a mag, she tweets out the spread, basically securing their website’s traffic goals for the next six months.

Anyway, good luck people! I’ll let you know if I break a thousand by the end of the day.