5 Tips from a Pro: Pose For a Perfect Picture

Kerry Pieri

What percentage of Facebook pics do you regularly untag? How often, when you look through celebrity images online and in weeklies do you consider, why’s that chick always look so good? Sometimes, girls, it’s a matter of optical illusion. Yes, celebrities are often pretty, but that’s only half the battle.

Andrew Walker, a professional photographer for Getty Images, has been watching ladies get their stance on for some time, so he knows what works. Read on for his tips for getting the perfect, keep it tagged, photo.

1. If you’re wearing black, be sure that the material doesn’t become transparent when hit with a flash – there have been many black shirts that someone thought would look good on the red carpet, only to reveal EVERYTHING underneath.

2. Good hair, make up and fashion. (Ed: if only it were so easy…)

3. A good pose is key: stand tall, back straight, shoulders back, cross legs, one hand on hip, gaze level. (Ed: Truth)

4. Practice your pose, so when the time comes, you’ll be ready.

5. Smile, smile, smile.

Nicole Richie Photo: Maury Phillips, WireImage

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