5 Things You May Have Missed From Yesterday

Lauren Caruso

Honor Brings Out the Pretty Girls in Pretty Dresses: Check out the serious level of awesome Giovanna Randall brings to the brand by way of eyelet and florals.

Dating Double Standards That Need to Change: We’re so over the three-day rule, there are a few we don’t mind hanging onto.

Franca Sozanni on Kate Moss’ Cellulite, Anna and Anorexia: Apparently Franca wishes her cellulite was more like Kate’s. Don’t we all…

100 Shades of Brights To Buy Right Now! Take a ride back a couple decades and check out our favorite brights of the season.

Kate Moss is All Naked On Vogue: It may not be the first time we’ve seen Kate in her birthday suit, but we certainly hope it won’t be the last.