5 Things You May Have Missed from Yesterday

Rachel Bilson Self Sooths With Ice Cream by Karl Lagerfeld The Kaiser teams up for a sweet combo with Rachel Bilson to make an artistic video for the unlikeliest of products–ice cream!

John Galliano Called a F*cking Racist On Way Home from Rehab Controversy ensues as Galliano gets the paparazzi treatment when getting attacked by photographers at LAX.

Gemma Ward is Back on a Glossy Cover After Three Years Gemma Ward returns from obscurity to magazine covers on Harper’s Bazaar, now with “actress” tacked on to her title.

Is Victoria’s Secret Overcompensating for “Too Skinny” Pics? After getting some slack for VS Angel Candice Swenapoel’s ultra slim frame, people are looking to fuller model Kate Upton as a redeeming addition.

The New York Times is So Not Into Brad Goreski’s Show Cathy Horyn gives her two bits on Rachel Zoe’s ex-assistant testing reality TV waters, that we’d still watch anyway.

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