5 Things You May Have Missed From Yesterday


Karl Lagerfelds Studio Is Just As Amazing As Youd Imagine If youre supposed to be designing for a name as big as Chanel, youre going to need a hell of a lot of inspiration. From the looks of it, Karls into reading, wouldnt you say?

Models Go Bowling & Chug Bud Light For Opening Ceremony In yet another installment of the theme models are just like us, but not Opening Ceremonys beauties are having a fashionable blast as they water plants and wait on laundry, always in the most stylish way.

Rumi Neely And Her Boyfriend Role Play For Ralph Lauren
Sure theyre used to the whole he photographs, she poses dynamic, but this little stint at role-playing for Ralph Lauren has Fashion Toast seeming a little, uh, burnt out.

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Ok, Were Kind Of Into This One: Kate Middletons Tiaras Every bride can ooh and ahh over wedding dresses and bridal shoes. And sure, they can feel like a princess for the day. But Kate Middleton is a real live princess, and here are the tiara sketches just in case you forgot.

Country Music Awards: A Little Marchesa, A Little LWren Country gals lost their reputation for big dresses and even bigger hair this year. Sleek tresses and and sexy dresses put a bit of grace in their two-step Sunday night at the Country Music Awards.