5 Things You May Have Missed From Yesterday


Natalie Portman Boycotts John Galliano, Dior Does Too:
Its official John is gone. And most of the world is not a fan of him, especially Natalie Portman, aka Best Actress, aka Miss Dior Cherie.

Britney Spears To Cover V, So We Look Back On Her Glory Days:
Oh. My. God. Dreams do come true. Britney is back and covers V magazine. Check out some of her past covers, too.

Wedding Guest Attire, From The Beach To The Royal Wedding:
Don’t know how to dress for your upcoming cousin’s/best friend’s/boss’ wedding? Here are some suggestions!

Stefano Pilati Wants to Make YSL for Everyone!:
Inexpensive, limited addition YSL tote? Why thank you!

5 Tips from a Pro: Pose For a Perfect Picture:
Are you sick of trying to do your best paparazzi looks in front of your mom, cat, or mirror and getting no response? Professional photographer Andrew Walker has some tips for all you Ana Dello Russo wannabes.

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