5 Things We’d Buy Lauren Conrad For A Belated B-Day Present

Summer K

Oh L.C., with all the hoopla of fashion week your beloved 26th nearly slipped our minds. Then we were reminded last night when we saw this lovely invitation come across our Twitter feed that you’re ready to party and celebrate yet another year of beauty, style and an Etsy-like fascination with all things moderately crafty.

Yes, we’re a week late, but that doesn’t mean the thought shouldn’t count. In fact, we oh-so-thoughtfully compiled a list of things we’d love to buy you if given half the opportunity. Truly, they reflect our love affair with your hair, fashion and guilty movie pleasures, but also the fact that you’re an icon among reality TV shows come and gone.

So forget the drama and ex BFFs that still cling to the desperate hope that you’ll somehow bolster their pitiful careers — let’s instead focus on what’s important; you survived almost a decade of reality TV drama and paparazzi scrutiny and there’s still no E! True Hollywood Story slated in your honor.



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