5 Things to Know About Miss America Kira Kazantsev


Kira Kazantsev miss america cups

By now, you might have heard that Miss New York Kira Kazantsev was named Miss America, thanks in part to her zeitgesity talent—playing the cups “Pitch Perfect”-style, while singing Pharrell Williams’ hit “Happy.”

Kira also likely captured judges’ votes thanks to her thoughtful response in the Q&A portion. Her platform is domestic violence awareness, and she said she’d like to see reform in the way the U.S. military handles sexual assault. Smart and beautiful!

Here are 5 other facts about the well-spoken 23-year old!

1. She comes from humble beginnings.
Kazantsev is the daughter of Russian immigrants who moved to the U.S. from Moscow “with nothing” before she was born, according to her Overture video.

2. She’s lived all over the country.
Although she’s “a New Yorker at heart,” Kira’s lived all around the United States, including San Francisco, Chicago, Lexington, and San Antonio.”Living in different places gave me perspective on what matters most: people,” she said.

3. Law school is in the cards for this beauty queen.
She’s not just pretty, but brainy, too: Kira plans on attending law school to “make real change in the world.” It also should be noted that Kira is tri-lingual: She speaks English, Russian, and Spanish.

4. She was in an abusive relationship.
Kira admits in the video that she was in an abusive relationship and believes “love shouldnt hurt.” Kira used her experience as impetus to help other woman in similar situations who might need help.

5. She’s was a triple major in college. 
While attending Hofstra University, Kira triple majored in political science, global studies, and geography. And, according to her official MissAmerica.org bio, she also hopes to “to obtain a Juris Doctorate and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.”

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