5 Things to Look for When Apartment Hunting


Apartment hunting is a stressful, time consuming, laborious process. There are so many factors to take into consideration when shopping for your humble abode. Below, you will find several aspects to think about during the intimidating hunt:

Location, Location, Location:

When considering where to look for an apartment, it is important to be honest with yourself. Is it more important for you to be in the hub of nightlife and restaurants or to be in a more remote, quiet atmosphere? Do you like running outdoors and want to be near a park? Is having a nice view from your bedroom window a priority? Do you need to be close to work? These are all questions you have to ask yourself in the preliminary phase of apartment hunting. As the saying implies, location is extremely high on the list when searching for a place to live.



Closely related to location, safety plays a big role when finding a place to live. As soon as you start getting weird vibes from an apartment, a broker, or a building, go with your gut instinct and leave. Really tune into your senses and use clear-headed, sensible judgment. If you look at a place that’s on the ground or first level, check for safety bars on the windows. If there aren’t any, ask for the management company to install them, although legally they should already exist. No matter how beautiful an apartment is, if it is in a sketchy neighborhood, it simply isn’t worth risking your safety. There will always be other possibilities out there.



With the economy in the dumps, take full advantage of the special deals brokers and apartment management are making. Not only have rent fees decreased, but with good negotiating skills, they can go down further (especially for returning tenants). Some realty companies are even throwing in perks, such as two free months, or no broker fees. The best thing to do to obtain a great deal is to shop around the area you are looking to live in and compare prices of apartments. Once you find the cheapest building (doesn’t have to necessarily be the one you want to live in), go back to your desired building and tell the realty company/broker that you were made a better offer for cheaper, and more often than not, they will lower the price. Works like a charm!



Are you looking for an apartment that comes equipped with a dishwasher? A video security system? Washers and dryers? If these things are important to you, be prepared to spend a little more on rent. Although certain amenities that apartment buildings offer may increase your monthly rent, they could end up saving you in the end. For example, if you workout on a daily basis, maybe you want to find a building that has a gym, to save on the cost of a gym membership fee. If you drive to work everyday, perhaps it would be wise to find a building that has a parking garage in the basement, to avoid having to find a further, more expensive parking space. If you have a pet, make sure that your building is pet friendly, as there are plenty that prohibit animals. Most realty websites will say what amenities the apartment comes with, so you can compare.



Finding a compatible person to live with can be tricky. At the time, choosing your best friend as a roommate may sound like a solid idea, however there is much potential for this to take a turn for the worst. Be aware of each other’s habits. If you are a neat freak, find someone else who is neat, or this will be the point of many arguments. Don’t live with a person who has insomnia or stays up until the wee hours, if you require your beauty sleep. If you can afford it, and you need your alone time, look into a studio or one-bedroom. Regardless of whether it’s a complete stranger from Craigslist, or a childhood friend, you will need to respect each other’s space.