5 Swimsuit Model Secrets We Learned Backstage At Miami Swim Week

Lauren Spencer

fullres17 5 Swimsuit Model Secrets We Learned Backstage At Miami Swim Week

As an onlooker at this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim, we made the following observation: Swimsuit models are alluring, captivating girls who manage to walk runways flawlessly, regardless of the fact that they’re donning looks that are a little larger than napkins in some cases. These ladies really seem to have it all — great bodies, perfect tans, luscious locks and flawless faces.

But what goes on behind the scenes to transform these girls into the catwalk queens we envy? We went backstage at some of the week’s biggest shows to find out just what kinds of secrets these ladies were employing to get runway-ready. Here’s what we found out:

  1. Bronzer isn’t just used on faces at this runway show! Models apply this powdered product on their butts, chest, and knee caps to highlight these areas when strutting towards hundreds of flashing cameras.
  2. Baby oil is in high demand. Legs, arms, and stomach are completely coated with this shiny liquid to achieve that sexy sunbathing affect. (Yes, they really use that much oil.)
  3. How do models get that dark, even tanned look?¬†Spray tans are applied right¬†before hitting the runway. Seriously: cans of brown liquid are heard being emptied from behind curtains as dressers prepare the model’s first looks.
  4. If you want to keep your bikini from riding up (even though some of them wanted them to ride a bit higher), follow this model must-have: baby powder and hairspray.
  5. And want to achieve a swim model’s perfect cleavage? Gel cutlet inserts.

We may not all have the long, lengthy stature of a supermodel, but with these tips, we can definitely become a sexier (and oilier) version of ourselves.