5 Reasons Valentine’s Day is An Awful Day for a First Date

Christina Grasso
5 Reasons Valentine’s Day is An Awful Day for a First Date
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Ah, Valentine’s Day.  The roses, the bubbly, the #romance. It’s the day of the year where single-and-ready-to-mingle folk might feel like total losers for being single and still not mingling. In my humble opinion, it’s up there with New Year’s Eve in terms of overrated-ness. So what’s a single lady to do? Should she swipe right on Tinder for the sake of having plans and and avoiding FOMO? Yes? No?

Obviously, going on a date with your significant other on V-Day is pretty standard. But planning a first date with a stranger could set you up for bigly failure for a myriad of reasons. We asked Greta Tufvesson and Nikki Lewis of The Bevy, the coolest matchmaking service in New York City and Los Angeles (fun fact: membership is free for us ladies!) for their take on things and they agreed: February 14th is a terrible night for a first date.  Here’s why, according to them:

1. Expectations are far too high on Valentine’s Day for a first date, and that pressure may lead you to move too quickly and make impulsive decisions with someone you aren’t sure you really even like yet [Ed. note: And what if he/she’s an ax murderer?!]

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2. Most restaurants have set prix fixes, and that’s a whole lot of courses to sit through with someone you just met.

3. Valentine’s Day is one of the best nights to be single and meet people. Go out with your friends and celebrate your love for each other. You’ll be surprised to see how many groups are doing the same.

4. Let’s say your first date on Valentine’s Day results in marriage down the road ­why combine your anniversary and V-day into one holiday? It’s like being born on Christmas! Le horror!

5. Valentine’s Day is a cheesy Hallmark holiday, so if you don’t have a date, rejoice and celebrate your love for yourself with a bottle of red and your own pizza. You do you, girl.

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