5 Questions For Jennifer Aniston About Last Night’s Dior Outfit

Spencer Cain

These days, it’s rare for Jennifer Aniston to make a red carpet appearance unless it’s a big-time event like the Oscars. However, the A-list star stepped out last night for  the premiere of “Call Me Crazy: A Five Film”—an upcoming Lifetime movie that she executive produced—in an ensemble that got us thinking she may be seriously out of practice when it comes to the red carpet.

For the record, the outfit—a Dior Spring 2013 bustier and black shorts—wasn’t bad per se, but it left us with a couple of burning questions. Such as …

1. Why can’t you cover up, like, ever? At 44 years old, Aniston is definitely one of the most striking women in Hollywood—with the body to back it up. However, that doesn’t mean it constantly needs to be on display. Much like Halle Berry—another star who constantly undermines her natural beauty by displaying her assets way too frequently—Aniston feels the need to always show skin and—with a bustier and shorts—last night’s look was overkill.

2. Do you own pants? (besides the boyfriend jeans you wear to the airport) Any Aniston style buff knows the star rarely wears pants—and if she does, it’s usually a baggy boyfriend-style pair. A pair of tailored cropped trousers would have been beyond chic (and still sexy!) with the bustier. The shorts were really what ruined this ensemble.

3. What spa treatment left you with cup marks on your back? If you click through the gallery above, you’ll see that Jen clearly had some sort of cupping treatment that left her with odd circular white marks on her back, and we want to know what it is. Otherwise, her skin looks radiant and is probably the best part of the whole look.

4. Why can’t you leave your comfort zone? Aniston’s signature minimalist style is typically dead on, but she’s one of the least risky starlets in the business. If she wasn’t wearing this outfit, she probably would’ve been in a classic LBD. Despite wearing a red Valentino gown to the Oscars this year, Aniston generally tends to wear black on the red carpet (and by generally, we mean only).

5. When’s the wedding? Okay fine, this question’s not about the outfit, but who isn’t wondering when you’re tying the knot with fiance Justin Theroux.

What do you guys think of Jen’s red carpet look? Totally chic, or too much skin? Let us know!