5 Minutes With Sofia Vergara: Actress Spills on Wardrobe Malfunctions, Surgery, More

Spencer Cain

mc561028 5 Minutes With Sofia Vergara: Actress Spills on Wardrobe Malfunctions, Surgery, More

Sofia Vergara is having quite the year. Hot off the heels of the Best Comedy Series Emmy win for her show “Modern Family,” not to mention topping the list of highest paid actresses and getting engaged to businessman Nick Loeb, she’s back with a new fashion collection for Kmart. The chicly low-priced items are already a hit — thanks in part to fantastic placement (her character Gloria on “Modern Family” happens to wear the line quite a bit).

We caught up with Sofia at the Standard East Village, where the Colombian beauty was promoting the collection to hoards of reporters clamoring to ask her questions, and got the scoop on whether she’d consider plastic surgery, that wardrobe oops, and more. Check out highlights from the panel discussion here. (Oh, and just a quick side note: Her engagement ring is pretty much the size of a golf ball.)

StyleCaster: What kind of woman did you have in mind when you designed the line? 

Sofia Vergara: The general woman. The woman that wants to still look cute and sexy but can be comfortable cleaning the house or going to get the kids. She may have to go to work and sit down for hours in front of a desk. I wanted to make something that’s going to make them look cute and sexy, that they can mix with more expensive things to create really great looks. And the woman that is not perfect! Maybe they don’t look like supermodels but they have something great. They can showcase their cleavage or their legs — or whatever feature they love!

What’s your style philosophy?

I’m not a very practical person with dressing, like with shoes, if they hurt, I don’t care, I suffer. But I wanted to create a brand that was affordable and comfortable and versatile. It was important for me to make different pieces that people can wear for many things — not for just one!

Did you have any idea the Twitpic of your wardrobe malfunction would be such a phenomenon? 

It’s funny because the picture was taken by my boyfriend to show me how bad it was. I didn’t understand that it was so bad, and I kept walking all over. He said, “You have to stop! Let me show you what’s going on in the back.” That’s when he took the picture. Then I went and got it fixed very fast because I wanted to be a part of the celebration and receiving the Emmy on stage. They took me downstairs somewhere and two women sewed me back in without taking the dress off because we didn’t have time.

You told Katie Couric you were pressured to get a breast reduction when you first started crossing over to Hollywood, and said you never would. You look [fabulous] now — but would you ever get plastic surgery?

Yeah, I would definitely do something. Not something crazy but little things here or there. Hopefully, when the time comes and I’m considering it, there will be even better treatments out there.

What are your favorite items in the collection?

The leggings! We have them in every color and they just grab everywhere in all the right places. They’re sexy and comfortable.