5 Guys You Should Never Date

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In New York, women outnumber men by at least a few hundred thousand. Just because the pickings might sometimes be slim, that isnt an excuse to date someone whos off limits. Heres a list of the top five guys you should NEVER date.

1. Your Boss
I can see how dating your boss, if hes single, could seem kind of sexy. You would probably get promoted instantaneously and receive special treatment at work. Who knows, you might even get your own office. But, its a huge mistake. If things go sour, youll be fired immediately. Then youll have to find a brand new job. So, unless hes “wifing you up”, dating your boss is a terrible idea.

2. Your Best Friends Ex
No matter how lonely youre feeling, theres never a reason to date your best friend’s ex. That breaks all the rules of girl code. The same way bros before hos applies to men, women have a certain loyalty to each other. I know I would be heartbroken if one of my friends dated any of my exs. If you want to keep your friends, stay away from their exs.

3. Your Exs Best Friend
Dating your exs best friend isnt as bad as dating your best friends ex, but its still a no-no. There are tons of men you can date who have no ties to your ex. Besides, once the relationship is on the fast track to becoming serious, you would have to run into your ex. That wouldnt be very fun, now would it?

4. Your Mom or Dads Best Friend
Some women have a daddy complex. They like dating older men because it makes them feel safe and secure. Thankfully, Im not one of those girls. Believe me, my parents are thrilled about it. If youre into dating older men, your parents best friend is one man you should stay away from. How creepy would it be to sleep with someone that hobnobs with the parentals? Just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies.

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5. Your Professor
Becoming involved with your professor, assuming hes single, is almost as bad as dating your boss. At least the professor is only your teacher for one semester. But, its highly risky and probably against all school rules. After all, every time you received an A, wouldnt you wonder if it was your skills in the classroom or the bedroom that earned you your grade?

So ladies, now that you know the men you shouldnt date, stay away from them! They can only cause you trouble. Instead, go out with nice guys, not forbidden ones. Happy Dating!

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