5 “Fun” Facts To Know Before You Get Drunk

Jessica Rubin

Beer, wine, vodka, whiskey…whatever your alcohol preference is, there’s no doubt that a yummy drink is a great way to unwind, let your hair down and tipsily bond with friends and strangers. But do you know what alcohol is doing in your body once you’ve ingested it? Since most of us here at StyleCaster have a weakness for a strong drink on a Friday (or Tuesday, OR Oscar night), we thought we’d do a little digging into how alcohol effects your brain and body.

So we cordially invite you to scroll down for five things you might not know but SHOULD before you head out to the bar:

1. The enzyme that helps process alcohol and remove it from your body is more effective in guys than in girls. Ever wonder how teenage boys manage to knock back so many cans of Natty Light? Turns out they can have up to 70 to 80 percent more “enzyme activity” then you ladies. But as men age, the effectiveness of the enzyme decreases more rapidly than it does in women. It’s not a race folks, it’s a marathon.

2. Alcohol can help you live longer (seriously)! Moderate drinking with friends reduces stress and increases the amount of time you spend in the company of others. And guess what … loneliness kills.

3. When you drink, brain cells don’t fire “normally,” which is why you can sometimes find it hard to walk in a straight line or articulate words properly. Which is also why guys can come upon some difficulties when trying to “do the deed” after a long night out. Just a friendly PSA.

4. Although a few too many drinks can cause you to pass out pretty quickly, alcohol is actually a horrible way to help yourself fall asleep. Once the alcohol starts to leave your system and your brain begins to resume normal functioning, it completely disrupts your sleep cycle. Which is why you almost never feel rested after “sleeping it off.”

5. Ah, the blackout. It’s one of those experiences that has become something of a right of passage for college students. Alcohol interferes with the receptor charged with creating memories. Which is why the morning after you can’t remember the rock star moves you pulled while dancing on the bar (and maybe that’s a blessing).