5 for 5: Fashionable Fall Edition

Spencer Wohlrab

For this installation of StyleCaster’s 5 for 5, we tapped some of the freshest faces on the styling block who are already making serious moves despite a kicker — most of them are still in college. Don’t be mistaken, these kids know what they’re doing. Infusing serious energy into the studio, it was a blast seeing all the talent ooze out of their fingertips literally. With Alice and Olivia acting as the palette for this shoot, the stylists had plenty to play with.

The changing of seasons always leaves us scratching our pretty heads wondering what to wear when we can’t throw on jean shorts or little dress, but these guys sure can ease our outfit anxiety. Pulling together looks apropos for anything from a day uptown window-shopping to a holiday party with the boyfriend’s parents, these maestros-in-the-making have got you covered.

Not for nothing, Alice and Olivia certainly provided plenty of material for these cool kiddies to create some killer looks. Their holiday collection is a perfect fusion of ladylike dresses and easy separates that transition from day to night. Check out how these college students used their fashion know-how.

If you’re interested in participating in the 5×5 series, comment below with a link to your website or portfolio. We’d love to see!

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