10 Simple, Stylish 4th of July Party Decoration Ideas

10 Simple, Stylish 4th of July Party Decoration Ideas
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Yes, we know that Independence Day is one of the most festive holidays there are, but sometimes 4th of July party decorations can get a little out of control. We’re so down to celebrate the red, white and blue—however, if that tricolor theme is taken too far, your party can look more like a Michaels store exploded in your backyard than a stylish outdoor affair.

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These 10 ideas are on the simple, chic end of the party décor spectrum—which is the best and only way to go this 4th of July, as far as we’re concerned.

Originally published June 2016. Updated June 2017.

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Make or pick up a simple red, white, and blue star cutout banner—especially cute outdoors, but fun inside, too.

Pottery Barn

Pop some red and white carnations into blue bottles and call it a day.

The Lily Pad Cottage

String up some Christmas lights in your yard (and if you're feeling ambitious, votive candles in glass jars) and watch instant ambiance result.

Home Life

Patriotic balloons are surprisingly magical—especially clear ones with tiny red-and-blue paper stars inside them.


Hang up an American flag and stick a couple of mini ones around—in the ice bucket, on the buffet—to get a (zero-effort) patriotic chic look.

Pottery Barn

Mason jars might be yesterday's DIY trend, but these painted ones still look pretty adorable with red, white, and blue plasticware, no?

Crafty Morning

Little touches of red and blue make a bigger impact against an almost all-white background.

Common Ground

Pair candles with flowers—all within the color scheme, of course—at the entrance to get people in the mood when they stroll in.

Home Talk

Bandanas aren't just stylish around your neck—you can also roll up forks and knives and use ’em as napkins.

Too Much Time

One more painted mason jar trick: Fill them with white flowers for a rustic and festive vibe.

Homemade Interest

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