3 Perfect Cocktails for the Fourth of July: One Red, One White, and One Blue


Photo: Leslie Kirchhoff

Ready for a hot weekend full of cool drinks? With America’s birthday right around the corner, it’s crunch time in terms of party planning. Even if you’re not the Independence Day party type, let me and the gang at Disco Kitchen inspire you to at least whip up some seriously festive cocktails.

Here are three of my favorites that taste just as good as freedom feels!


The Red State

– Malibu Rum
– Grenadine
– Seltzer

1. Pour 2 parts rum into a shaker.
2. Add 1 part grenadine.
3. Shake.
4. Add one ice cube into a rocks glass and pour mixture in.
5. For a little something extra, add 2 parts seltzer water. Enjoy!


The Bald Eagle

– Coconut cream
– Tequila
– Lime juice
– Cointreau
– Salt for rim of glass

1. Start out with pouring 1 part coconut cream in the shaker.
2. Add 2 parts tequila to the mix.
3. Mix in 2 parts lime juice.
4. Add 1 part Cointreau.
5. Shake.
5. Finish off with rimming the glass with salt, accenting with a lime, pour in your drink, and enjoy!


The Betsy Ross

– Gin
– Lillet Blanc
– Blue Curacao
– lime juice
– Absinthe

1. Start out by mixing 1 part gin and 1 part Lillet Blanc into the shaker.
2. For the truly Patriotic feel, add in 1 part Blue Curacao.
3. Finish off with 1 part lime juice and 1 dash of Absinthe, add a cube of ice and enjoy!