The Stoner’s Guide to the Chicest 4/20 Products Out There

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Drug rugs. Rasta colors. Pot-leaf motifs. Honestly, the reason many people aren’t open about their enthusiasm for cannabis is how embarrassing the surrounding culture is. But this 4/20, we’re celebrating a new generation of chic, well-designed cannabis offerings we’d be proud to give or receive.

Ahead, find everything from a rose gold vape and hipster underwear that can hide your weed, to a less, uh, literal body scrub. Behold: The chicest 4/20 products out there.

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Supremely Giftable Chocolate
Supremely Giftable Chocolate

If Forrest Gump grew up in Cali, his mom might have said life was like a box of sophisticated, weed-infused chocolates—you never know what you’re going to get. (Spoiler alert: a sweet buzz, courtesy of cherry cayenne and hazelnut brandy bon-bons plus hazelnut and smoked-almond butter truffles, in a range of doses from 2.5 mg to 45 mg.)

*Only available in CA.

To Whom it May Chocolates Easy Dose it box, $93; at To Whom it May Chocolates


Photo: To Whom It May
Apothecary Body Scrub
Apothecary Body Scrub

This cane-sugar and 100-percent-legal hemp oil scrub can’t get you lifted, but it will leave your skin impossibly soft, smooth, and smelling like a mojito.

Fig + Yarrow Lemongrass + Lime Sugar Scrub, $44; at Fig + Yarrow

Rose Gold Vaporizer
Rose Gold Vaporizer

A fancy AF disposable vape, pen pre-filled with THC/CBD, cast in the chicest rose gold. (The New York Times called the brand ‘The Hermès of Marijuana’)

*Only available in CA.

Beboe Vaporizer, $60; at Beboe

Photo: Beboe
Puff, Puff, Pottery
Puff, Puff, Pottery

That a weed-inspired pottery studio even *has* a resort collection just shows how far cannabis design has come. These gilded, mermaid-colored pipes are the perfect high-style hostess gift—small, medium, or large, they double as chic décor.

Stonedware Resort Collection pipes in Turquoise, $120-160; at Stoneware

Photo: Stoneware
Privates Party
Privates Party


Not your typical KY, this tingly THC/CBD-infused coconut oil is for spraying on your outer hoo-ha about 15 minutes before sex with or without a partner. It enhances the experience, but won’t get you stoned unless you drink it, which we definitely don’t suggest. A “virgin” version called Awaken will debut in May, shipping nationwide.

*Foria Pleasure, with THC/CBD, $76, is available in CA and CO.

Foria Awaken, $48;  at, starting May 1

Photo: Foria
Skunk-Proof Clutch
Skunk-Proof Clutch

This stylish case is lined with Odor-Loc technology (thin layers of stink-proof resin) so you’ll never be the source of that skunky smell. There’s a clever inner pocket for your vape pen or stash, and ample room for extras like cash, lipstick, and pack of mints.

Erbanna Rae case, $34.20; at Erbanna

Photo: Erbanna
Chic Grow Diary
Chic Grow Diary

It’s like an elevated bullet journal for chic cannabis cultivators, with templated pages, useful reference charts, and space to record your results so you’ll get a better yield.

Goldleaf Grow Jotter, $16; at Goldleaf

Photo: Goldleaf
Designer Candy
Designer Candy

Old school space cakes and brownies gave weed-infused edibles a bad rap, but Lord Jones hand-crafted candies are uniform in size, dosage (2, 5, 10, or 20mg each of THC), and deliciousness. They’ve just debuted a CBD-only candy that ships nationwide.

*THC/CBD products available in CA only.

Lord Jones + Sigur Rós Limited Edition All Natural Sigurberry High CBD Gumdrops, $40, at Lord Jones

Photo: Lord Jones
Upscale One-Hitter
Upscale One-Hitter

Leave it to Bob Marley’s family (and their cannabis lifestyle brand) to create a sneaky on-the-go kit you wouldn’t mind showing off, in black walnut wood and handblown glass.

Marley Natural Likkle Bit Small Taster + Small Holder, $52.50; at Marley Natural Shop

Photo: Marley Natural Shop
Secret Stash Underwear
Secret Stash Underwear

If your skirt doesn’t have pockets, there’s no need to resort to “nature’s pocket” a la Broad City. These hipster panties have an adorable 4” zipper pocket for stowing your flower.

Roze Volca Hipster Panty with Zipper Pocket, $38; at Roze Volca

Photo: Roze Volca
Hidden Holder Necklace
Hidden Holder Necklace

This pretty gold necklace with a natural-stone pendant also has a stealthy sliding mechanism that transforms it into a roach clip. It's available in black onyx, green adventurine, white howlite, rose quartz, and turquoise.

High Society Collection Stoned Circle Necklace, $79; at High Society Collection

Photo: High Society Collection

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