35 Famous Women Who Are Beautiful AND Funny

35 Famous Women Who Are Beautiful AND Funny
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By now, you might have heard about the incendiary “beautiful women aren’t funny” comment made last week by 73-year-old former Disney CEO Michael Eisner.

“From my position, the hardest artist to find is a beautiful, funny woman,” Eisner told the Academy Award-winning actress. “By far. They usually—boy am I going to get in trouble, I know this goes online—but usually, unbelievably beautiful women, you being an exception, are not funny,” Eisner said during a conversation with Goldie Hawn at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

When Hawn pulled out the modesty card—she chalked her own comedic talent to being a self-proclaimed “ugly duckling”—Eisner said: “You didn’t think you were beautiful. I know women who have been told they’re beautiful, they win Miss Arkansas, they don’t ever have to get attention other than with their looks. So they don’t tell a joke. In the history of the motion-picture business, the number of beautiful, really beautiful women—a Lucille Ball—that are funny, is impossible to find.”

We don’t need to go into detail outlining all the ways Eisner’s statement is antiquated—left over from sexist stereotypes that certainly have been shattered in the 21st century (not to mention, some might say, a truly funny woman is, by default, beautiful) so we decided to just prove it in pictures.

Here are 35 famous women (out of many, many more) who 100% can be considered exceptionally beautiful and are also wildly funny.

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Sandra Bullock

Rose Byrne

Kristen Wiig

Gillian Jacobs

Whitney Cummings

Lizzy Caplan

Rashida Jones

Emily Blunt

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Aisha Tyler

Emma Stone

Jennifer Aniston

Sofia Vergara

Olivia Munn

Sarah Silverman

Diane Keaton

Drew Barrymore

Debra Messing

Abby Elliot

Cobie Smulders

Mary-Louise Parker

Jessica Williams

Kaley Cuoco

Elizabeth Banks

Mary Tyler Moore

Mila Kunis

Kate Hudson

Julia Roberts

Leslie Mann

Cameron Diaz

Regina Hall

Anna Faris

Wendie Malick

Jenny McCarthy

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