See The First 3D Printed Dress Made From Flexible Materials

Meghan Blalock

makerbot dress

When we caught up with a representative of 3D printing company Shapeways a few months ago, she gave us the impression that one of the industry’s main challenges when it comes to fashion is being able to create designs in soft-form materials similar to fabrics. And now, 3D printing is one step closer to that future.

Rival 3D printing firm Makerbot announced in a release this morning that they have partnered up with the New Skins: Computational Design for Fashion workshop led by designer Francis Bitonti, the same designer who created the now well-known dress Dita von Teese wore during Paris Fashion Week last year.

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The new dress, though, is constructed from a new material called Flexible Filament, which is pliable when exposed to hot water. It marks the first time any material has been used in 3D printing that is flexible, pliable, and moldable.

“MakerBot Flexible Filament is different than traditional 3D printing filaments that are solid and stiff after extrusion,” MakerBot’s CEO Bre Pettis said in a statement. “With its flexibility and suppleness, this could revolutionize 3D printing.”

Check out the futuristic design above and tell us what you think!

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