37 New Emojis Might be Happening—Including a Taco

Victoria Moorhouse
taco emoji 37 New Emojis Might be Happening—Including a Taco

Photo: Unicode

Could the dark days of texting without a proper—and obviously necessary—taco emoji soon be ending?

The Unicode Consortium—the company that oversees anything and everything related to the charming animated symbols we can’t live without—has announced the acceptance of a whopping 37 new candidates for the Unicode 8.0 update in mid-2015, and the list doesn’t fall short of excellent.

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The roundup is broken down into four categories and includes symbols of religious significance (prayer beads, a synagogue); sports imagery (volleyball, cricket equipment); new faces, hands, and zodiac symbols (something called a “money-mouth face,” “sign of the horns”), and most-requested emoji (the aforementioned taco, a bottle with a popping cork, a unicorn.)

new emojis 2015

The bad news: There’s a chance that not all the 37 suggested emojis will make it to your iPhone (um, how else are we supposed to illustrate “going to Chipotle?”) The Unicode Consortium stated that the production list needs to be kept to a “manageable number” and that many symbols are still being assessed.

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