3.1 Phillip Lim Plays With Shadows, Light, and Color for Fall 2014

Laurel Pinson

Designer Phillip Lim has long been skilled at translating high concepts into sporty, wearable collections, and for Fall 2014, he continued his fascination with light and shadow, as well as a hefty dose of color.

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Lim gave his muse a name—”Soleil,” which is french for “Sun”—and described her as “a fun and culturally curious woman.” A lot of the looks played with the idea of shadows and contrast—which felt like an extension of Lim’s “shadow dress” (now a staple in his retail offerings), and his Spring 2012 collection, which was based on the idea of a kite fluttering in the wind.

For Fall 2014, high contrast items abounded, from dresses that looked as though a shadow has fallen across them to skirts that were split down the middle—half white, half black. Continuing the theme of sharp contrasts was a fantastic series of patchwork lasered shearling jackets and vests.

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While black and white may have provided the basis for the collection, Lim made sure to deliver retail-friendly staples in the form of shearling-collar motorcycle jackets, chunky knits, and slouchy trousers.