3 Ways To Lighten The Holiday Packing Load

Laurel Pinson

It’s about that time — the out of office emails are on and the commuter trains are seemingly more packed than usual. We’re all just trying to get home for the holidays. We find that to be one difficult task — I mean, have you seen our closets? Or the amount of stuff we bring to the office on a daily basis? Packing is quite an undertaking, so here’s 3 tips on how to lighten your holiday load.

  • The Hidden Sock – It may be a an oldy but it’s still a goody. Tuck those socks in your shoes. It saves room for the more essential things — like bangles or more shoes. The same goes for toiletries. Wrap your toothbrush in a plastic bag and shove it in your boot.
  • Clothing Warfare –My mother used to say this to me when I would go away on trips: “Only pack with what you’d be comfortable dying in.” Stand in front of your closet and say that a few times — it sure as hell narrows down the choices.
  • Layer Maven – Sweaters and jackets take up some major room in the suitcase — so try wearing your a cardigan over a sweater and then a jacket. You can take it off on the plane but this way it’s not filling up your suitcase. After all, we love to layer. Don’t you?

Got any tips you think could work? Let us know in the comments section below!

Image via Things We Heart.

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