3 Simple Ways to Style Your Mantel

Leah Bourne

For those lucky enough to have a mantel in their home, you want to make sure that you aren’t wasting that precious decor space. The fireplace, if you have one, is inevitably the centerpiece of your room. Here, three ideas for styling your mantel like an interior decor pro.
3af7a866aa112296eedd178e6bf92b63 3 Simple Ways to Style Your Mantel1. Mirror Mirror On the Wall
Make a large oversized mirror the centerpiece of your mantel, and finish off the look with flowers or candles. Bonus: this will make your room look bigger because of the mirrors reflection.
f2b577ded06ed25a8e6b85c010e36520 3 Simple Ways to Style Your Mantel2. Knickknacks On Display
Mantels are a great place to display some of your most prized possessions, like a China plate passed on from your grandmother or a clock that you found at a flea market in Paris. Have fun with the vignette you create.
a7022709351c706b279f1df6c41fe3d2 3 Simple Ways to Style Your Mantel3. Mantel of Art
The mantel is also a great place to display some of your favorite art pieces that you might not have room for on your walls. Just make sure to add in some other pieces onto the mantel like flowers and candles, so it doesn’t end up looking too stiff.
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