3 Places To Sleep When NOT Occupying Wall Street

Monica Burton

Now that Mayor Bloomberg has evicted Occupy Wall Street Protesters from Zuccotti Park, they may need a new place to roll out their sleeping bags. The Occupy crew has regrouped at Duarte Square and Foley Square while waiting for word on when they can return to their campground, but when night falls, they will undoubtedly need to seek rest elsewhere. We here at StyleCaster have compiled a few options in keeping with the spirit of the Occupy movement (at least until offers for free housing start popping up on Craigslist).

1. The YMCA is always a good bet for affordable accommodations. The Vanderbilt YMCA on 47th Street is just a half an hour subway ride away from Zuccotti Park. If the protesters don’t mind bunk beds and shared bathrooms they can enjoy its amenities for as little as $50 a night.

2. Bowery’s Whitehouse Hotel of New York is really more of a youth hostel. Rooms run as low as $30 a night per guest and with laundry services available, Occupy protesters have the option of spending their days fighting the man in fresh clothes. Another plus, it’s just a half an hour walk or a 20-minute ride on the subway from the protest site.

3. Rooms at Sun Bright Hotel start as low as $43 a night. Sun Bright advertises its fifth floor as “male dorm style,” meaning rooms come with only the most basic of amenities. Not a problem for protesters used to sleeping bags and tents. And the Chinatown location is not only a short, twenty-minute walk from the protests, but also makes eating on a budget a snap. Eighty-cent steamed buns for everyone!

Image courtesy ofSHOWALTER AARON/SIPA.