Finally! 250 New Emojis Will be Released Next Month

Kristen Bousquet

250 new emojis will added to these familiar guys come July!

Since we’re all basically glued to our phones every waking moment, this certainly classifies as one of the summer’s greatest announcements: Starting in July, 250 new emojis will be added to the current selection.

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So far, we know that the additions will include an actual golfer (all we have now is that mound of grass with the pointy flag), shopping bags (yup, we’ll be using that one), a world map, and linked paperclips (“bored at work!”). Also—because what would emojiland be without some weird symbols?— we’ll have icons of “Man in Business Suit Levitating,” “Speaking Head in Silhouette,” “One Button Mouse,” “Two Button Mouse,” and yes, even “Three Button Mouse.” Ugh, FINALLY.

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These characters will be part of a new update of Unicode, the group that oversees technical standards for the mini symbols.

Here are a few more emojis we can expect to see next month:

Middle finger: Perfect for the jerk who stood you up.

A bed: How do they have a bento box, but not have a bed already?

North West Pointing Leaf: Instead of typing out her name, you can just this emoji when you’re referring to KimYe‘s baby.

Waste basket: For alluding to trashy stuff, obviously.

Camera with flash: Most people will probably be too busy taking actual selfies than using the camera icon, but hey, it’s good to have.