California Dreaming: 25 Most Stylish Los Angeles

Marni Golden

Here at StyleCaster, we take great pride in our “Most Stylish” features – Most Stylish New Yorkers, Most Stylish Hamptons, and Most Stylish Social Media, to name a few. To us, style goes way beyond one’s wardrobe. True, having an enviable closet is key, but we also put a high value on personality, spirit, and enthusiasm when it comes to individual style. True to our core mantra, Style to the People, StyleCaster’s Most Stylish are always a diverse mix, with an emphasis on individuality.

So it is with great pride that we present our first ever 25 Most Stylish Los Angeles. Casting this feature was no small undertaking, as LA is comprised of numerous neighborhoods, each with their own style and swagger. Tackling this massive, diverse field seemed a bit overwhelming, but we managed to pin down some of our favorite Angelenos and shoot them in their native city.

After chatting with all of our 25 style stars, it became clear that they, too, feel Los Angeles is a melting pot of fashion that’s heavily influenced by where one resides – Venice vs. West Hollywood, Loz Feliz vs. Malibu, Silver Lake vs. Beverly Hills. The one underlying and common denominator, however, was that sunny LA does breed a style that is reflective of the city’s inherent ease and lifestyle, best described as relaxed-cool.

Read on to see those we selected as LA’s Most Stylish …

Photography by: Emilie Elizabeth
Editorial Director: Marni Golden
Production by: Sandbox
Grooming by: Kevin Cabiya

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