California Dreaming: 25 Most Stylish Los Angeles

Marni Golden
California Dreaming: 25 Most Stylish Los Angeles
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Here at StyleCaster, we take great pride in our “Most Stylish” features – Most Stylish New Yorkers, Most Stylish Hamptons, and Most Stylish Social Media, to name a few. To us, style goes way beyond one’s wardrobe. True, having an enviable closet is key, but we also put a high value on personality, spirit, and enthusiasm when it comes to individual style. True to our core mantra, Style to the People, StyleCaster’s Most Stylish are always a diverse mix, with an emphasis on individuality.

So it is with great pride that we present our first ever 25 Most Stylish Los Angeles. Casting this feature was no small undertaking, as LA is comprised of numerous neighborhoods, each with their own style and swagger. Tackling this massive, diverse field seemed a bit overwhelming, but we managed to pin down some of our favorite Angelenos and shoot them in their native city.

After chatting with all of our 25 style stars, it became clear that they, too, feel Los Angeles is a melting pot of fashion that’s heavily influenced by where one resides – Venice vs. West Hollywood, Loz Feliz vs. Malibu, Silver Lake vs. Beverly Hills. The one underlying and common denominator, however, was that sunny LA does breed a style that is reflective of the city’s inherent ease and lifestyle, best described as relaxed-cool.

Read on to see those we selected as LA’s Most Stylish …

Photography by: Emilie Elizabeth
Editorial Director: Marni Golden
Production by: Sandbox
Grooming by: Kevin Cabiya
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From Silver Lake to Malibu, LA fashion runs the gamut from haute to hipster and everything in between. Click through for the Most Stylish Angelenos.

Brad Goreski, Fashion Stylist, TV Personality, and Author: Born to Be Brad

Goreski is best known for his cheery disposition and predilection for prep, describing his style as "geek chic, with a little bit of show girl." The stylist confesses that his biggest fashion blunder was wearing an ensemble by Tom Ford for Gucci. "I was Western gay cowboy gone very wrong."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Aimee Song, Interior Designer and Fashion Blogger

Song's personality is as sunny as her style, always pairing her latest look with a contagious smile. She chalks up her style to "a mix and match of everything with lots of armswag! I love my bottoms short and my tops loose. I work with a lot of men so I try not to wear tight fitted clothes, but my days also involve going to construction sites, so my outfits have to be able to multi-task."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Zen Freeman, DJ, Producer and RemixerSoundcloud

It's tough not to blush when this charming Brit enters a room. Grinning ear to ear, this unstoppable DJ considers his style to be "Miami Vice meets Savile Row," admitting that his most embarrassing fashion moment was "returning from a school trip to France wearing frosted stretch jeans, a yellow Lacoste polo shirt with matching cardi. You can imagine the hair that accompanied this outfit choice," says Freeman.

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Cameron Silver, Founder of Decades, Author of Decades: A Century of Fashion out this October and Bravo TV Star

Dominating LA's luxury vintage market, Silver's self-described "eclectic-meets-midlife-crisis-chic" style does not disappoint. This world traveler draws inspiration from Baron de Rede, Cary Grant, and Klaus Nomi and confesses, "Many would argue 90 percent of my wardrobe is a fashion faux-pas. This doesn't phase him, though. In fact, he seems to embrace it.

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Whitney Port, Designer of Whitney Eve (showing Sept. 12 at New York Fashion Week), Bits & Bobs and TV Personality 

This native Angeleno and former reality star has successfully transitioned into a legit fashion designer, proving her 15 minutes are nowhere near expired. Port does admit, however, that one lingering reality TV moment still haunts her. "It's only normal that over the years, you're bound to have fashion regrets. I'd say my biggest mishap to date was falling down the stairs on national television while modeling Hilary Swank's Oscar's gown." We still love her (and her style), anyway.

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Andrew Freston, Director of Content Strategy at Vice

Vice is no stranger to pushing the envelope, and this ethos pertains to their staffers as well. Freston's low-key style, which he calls "Brooklyn Americana," came as a bit of a surprise, but his fun-loving, goofy personality was the real treat. Not afraid to express his take on East Side vs. West Side style, Freston explains, "You have your out-of-work actors in Hollywood, just off the bus from the midwest repping some fierce Ed Hardy or Affliction. In Silver Lake, you have skinny black jeans in 98-degree weather (respect). And in Venice, you have khakis and Toms."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Carlos Lopez, Director of Entertainment, Public & Social Media Relations at BCBGeneration and West Coast Correspondent for DuJour

No stranger to red carpets, jet-setting Lopez's dapper style embraces his glamourous life. Noting that his tuxedos are his most coveted item in his closet, Lopez explains the difference between New York and LA fashion: "LA doesn't have the whole Uptown/Downtown thing, so I would say it's more of a Peach Pit-chic vs. Peach Pit After Dark-chic."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Lara Schoenhals, Writer and Co-Creator of White Girl Problems by Babe Walker

Schoenhals, who coined the ever-popular #whitegirlproblems, has a quirky, cool style to match her equally unique voice. When asking her about her style influences, Shoenhals gets right to the point: "The Craft. '90s Gwyneth, Now Gwyneth, and Future Gwyneth."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Andrea Trujillo, Founder at A.sweeT. Boutique

Describing Trujillo as a ball of sunshine does not do her justice. Her pretty, peppy style gives life to any rooms she enters, including her upscale candy shop in Beverly Hills. On the varying styles in LA, she says: "In Malibu you will find laid-back surfers and beach babes; in Venice you will find hipsters; Brentwood is a little more conservative and classic; Beverly Hills is more glamourous (think: Real Housewives); West Hollywood is young and trendy; and downtown LA is becoming more and more art-centric. It's fun to hit all the neighborhoods to see all the different personalities and styles. It's inspiring."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

George Kotsiopoulos, Stylist and Co-Host of "Fashion Police" on E!

One of the original pioneers of neo-prep, fashion guru Kotsiopoulos showed us his relaxed side. His style inspiration came from some of the greats, paying homage to Steve McQueen, James Dean and Cary Grant, but also Richard Gere in American Gigolo and Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles. However, Kotsiopoulos adds, "If you take what I'd wear out of the equation, I fully admire and adore anyone who makes an effort to look their best and who just haves fun expressing themselves through what they wear."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Elizabeth Stewart, Celebrity Stylist and Co-Host of PS Arts Bag Lunch with George Kotsiopoulos

When Stewart walks into a room it's impossible to ignore the fact that you're in the presence of a lady. Chic, elegant and polite, Stewart radiates refined, modern beauty. "My old assistant used to call me Grandma Olsen," she laughs. "Get it? Kind of a granny-chic Olsen twin." Granny or not, it most certainly works.

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Evan Ross, Musician

The son of music legend Diana Ross, Evan Ross is respectfully following in her footsteps, but he's most surely making his own mark. Ross, without hesitation, threw on his new fedora and Balmain jacket and commanded the stage -- well, studio in this case. A star is most certainly born.

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Darren Romanelli, Designer, Dr. Romanelli / DRx, and Marketing Director, Street Virus

An undeniably cool kid, Romanelli's fan base lies with a very in-the-know fashion and art crowd. Describing his style as "super fresh", Romanelli is most proud of his recent collaboration with Jaeger-LeCoultre, The Dr. Romanelli Reverso.

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Estee StanleyInterior DesignerClothing Stylist and HomeMint Co-Founder (with Justin Timberlake).

Stanley is best known for her impeccable taste in both interior design and fashion, so it only seemed appropriate to find out where she shops! Without hesitation, Stanley states, "Brenda Antin Antiques, JF Chen, Barneys, Compass and The Way We Wore." 

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Jo Scapa, Owner/Buyer at AlleyCat Trade

Launching an e-commerce fashion site featuring hard-to-find pieces from across the globe (literally), this LA sweetheart understands that no one wants find themselves in a "Who Wore It Better?" situation. With a look that she describes as "California beach babe mixed with urban street style," Scapa shares that her most prized possession is her late grandma Rita's gold wedding band, inscribed with "Por siempre, Jack 1944." It doesn't get much more one-of-a-kind.

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Hit-Boy, Grammy Nominated Producer, Hit-Boy of HS87, Surf Club & GOOD Music

Working with the likes of Kanye, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, it's no surprise Hit-Boy likes his fashion and makes it his own, stating, "I don't believe in fashion mishaps. If you believe in what you're wearing and you wear it with confidence, that's what it is."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Ilaria Urbinati, Fashion Stylist and Co-Owner/Buyer of Confederacy 

With A-list celebrity clients like Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans, Armie Hammer, Nina Dobrev and Krysten Ritter, Urbinati's work spans countless red carpets and magazine covers. Her take on LA fashion? "Silver Lake is more hipster but also more eclectic, and West Hollywood is more fashion conscious but can also be cheesier. Malibu is super bohemian and laid back," says Urbinati. "I like checking out the rich ladies who lunch in Beverly Hills, but LA is no New York, in terms of inspirational street style."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Eva Amurri Martino, Model, Actress, and Philanthropist

Proving that the bombshell apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, Martino's fashion sense (and gams for days) are undoubtedly enviable. Growing up in the spotlight (her mother is Susan Sarandon), Martino has carved a name for herself on the big screen, small screen and in fashion magazines. She explains her style as "feminine with an edge," and says her upbringing significantly affected her take on fashion. "I've moved around so much in my life, that I really appreciate simplicity and elegance in a wardrobe," says Martino. "And good tailoring! Every woman needs a good tailor."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Josh Harmony, Professional Skateboarder and Singer/Songwriter

It's a rare occasion to meet someone who's mastered both a half-pipe and a banjo, but Hamony's talents have no boundaries. With years of professional skateboard under his belt, Harmony explains how the sport led him to his music: "Skateboarding opened the door to a world of art and music that I would have never discovered otherwise."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Jordan Kahn, Chef/Owner at Red Medicine

With a resume including posts at both Per Se and Alinea, it's not shocking that Kahn's west coast's venture, Red Medicine, was an instant success. Kahn, who's best known in the culinary for his detailed artistry, has a personal style that's equally unique, giving a nod to other LA styles. "Skid Row definitely has an interesting style that's unique," he acknowledges.

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Nicole Cari, Senior Marketing & Communications Director at Band of Outsiders

A key player in the LA-based, hipster-prep label Band of Outsiders, Cari is just one of those girls whose "easy-breezy" style you can't help but admire. According to Cari, the difference between the various areas in the city can best be defined by their corresponding shoes. "It's all in the shoes," says Cari. "Silver Lake is boots, Beverly Hills is heels and Venice is flip-flops."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Samer Fawaz & Lisa Walker, Partners, Starworks Group>

Working together for close to a decade, Fawaz and Walker represent some of the top artists in beauty and fashion. Some of Walker's favorite shopping haunts (where she can escape from agency madness) include Creatures of Comfort, Ampersand, Just One Eye, Lost and Found, Ten Over Six, Nickey Kehoe NK and Heist. Fawaz prefers to keep it simple, noting, "The common thread that binds 'LA style' is that dressing comfortably and casually is key -- that's why I love it here."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Kate Lee, Make-Up Artist 

Lee is the definition of a natural beauty. Upon entering our photo studio, Lee rejected any sort of professional primping or touch-ups. Ironic, it seemed, for a woman whose artistry spans the faces of numerous leading ladies, until you could see that she didn't need a thing. Lee explained that her icons have a similarly no-fuss aesthetic: "Generally, French women of the '70s -- like Francois Hardy, Jane Birkin and Charlotte Rampling -- all make my heart beat a little faster. There is something about that effortless, nonchalant-chic that French women possess. I admire it so much."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Taylor Russell, Partner at Hemingways Lounge 

Russell arrived at our shoot barefoot and shirtless, having just jumped out of a Wrangler. The man could not have been more LA. A fixture on the nightlife scene, Russell does't pride himself as a fashion guy -- but that's why we love him. He names Victoria's Secret his favorite shopping destination, and claims he lives in LA for one special reason: "I can surf and snowboard in the same day."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

Langley FoxIllustrator and Designer 

Fox has an exquisite, well-curated style that most of us can only dream of putting together, let alone pull off. The sister of a fashion model (Dree Hemingway), Fox is no stranger to the business but has certainly carved out her own niche. "My personal style is kind of spastic. I have many childish dresses (mostly vintage) that I mix with tennis shoes and boots, and then some edgier items, such as my new leather pants, "says Fox. "A lot of my inspiration comes from past figures like Anna Karina, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin, mixed with Winona Ryder in the '90s and Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander."

Photo: Emilie Elizabeth/

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