23 Men’s Fashion Week Looks Only Zoolander Could Pull Off

23 Men’s Fashion Week Looks Only Zoolander Could Pull Off
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We get it: A large part of being a fashion designer is expressing your vision creatively, even if it means crafting pieces that’ll never go into production and have little commercial appeal. And while we’re all for oohing and ahhing over avant-garde designs, we gotta admit: Some of the looks shown on various runways during the Fall 2015 men’s shows—going on now in Europe—are worthy of a hearty WTF.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah we know there’s been chatter about how the runways are being used to examine the gender agenda and all that, but between hot pink fur coats at Sibling, demure pussy bows at Gucci, and—true story—exposed flacid penises peeking out from swathes of fabric at Rick Owens (like, why?), we don’t think we’re being dense when we say that it was difficult to take some menswear designers seriously this season.

Below, we’ve gathered 30 particular looks that only Zoolander could pull off.

Scroll through now, and—hey, just an idea—why not spend tonight asking your guy which ones he’s wear if he were offered a million dollars.

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Drinks with the CEO? A sheer red lace Gucci blouse is just the thing.

Try convincing your guy how chic this fitted yellow Damir Doma sweater would look tucked into jeans.

This Dries Van Noten top is sexy but not slutty.

A man that appreciates the power of a good pussybow? That's called a keeper, ladies.

Honestly, this Rick Owens look is the definition of effortless.

Not convinced? Here's a closer look.

If Angelina Jolie can write on her wedding dress, your man can do it on a Raf Simons duster coat.

"I'm just going over to Matt's to watch the game or whatever, so I wanna be comfortable."

"It's a little conservative but I want to be taken seriously at this job."

Dude, you're presenting to the partners—you can't wear ... sandals.

"BRB, just running downstairs to get a bagel."

Your guy needs something to wear when he sees TLC in concert next month, and Sisqo the month after that.

"What? 80% of your body heat escapes though your head."

Nobody does an arm tutu like Walter Van Beirendonck, amirite?

A meeting-my-girlfriend's-parents outfit if we've ever seen one.

"I feel like these would be really good for the next golf outing."

Your guy's probably getting sick of that navy overcoat anyway.

"This sure beats my girlfriend's lame Burberry rag with her initials on it."

A mauve crushed velvet outfit? Weekend wear done right.

Ten-year reunion, here you come.

"I'm really feeling patchwork fur right now."

This outfit would look ridiculous if he wasn't wearing the matching shirt underneath.

"Nah, the patches make it a little loud."

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